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Form 4 (Family and Friends 2)

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To access the resources on the online student zone, please visit HERE,

grammar is HERE


Our history 




Unit 15. Well done!


Unit 15 vocabulary is HERE


Online exercises:





Unit 14. Look at the photos!


  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Past Simple be (was or were) HERE


Unit 13. Look at all the animals!




Unit 12. You are sleeping.


Vocabulary is HERE

Listen the online book "Maddi´s Fridge" HERE



  • Present Continuous (kestev olevik) HERE
  • What is the time? 
  • Vocabulary hangman game clothes HERE 


Unit 11. What are you wearing?


Write in your notebook what they are wearing HERE. Then listen and write names.


On Thursday do these tasks:

  • Reading HERE (open and do preparation and task 1, 2)
  • Appearance HERE  (open and do all tasks)
  • Body parts HERE 
  • Clothes HERE  and HERE
  • Weather HERE 
  • Listen the online book "Library Lion" HERE



Unit 11 vocabulary is HERE


Online exercises:



Valentine´s Day posters are HERE


Unit 10. It´s hot today?


Vocabulary is HERE

What´s the weather like? HERE

The Weather worksheet is HERE


Make your own weekly weather forecast. Useful vocabualry is HERE  


Listening task about weather is HERE


Unit 9. Where does she works?


Unit 9 vocabulary is HERE 


Online exercises;



Unit 8. What´s the time?


Unit 8 vocabulary is HERE





  • Activities in the morning and in the afternoon HERE 
  • Daily routnies HERE and worksheet is HERE
  • Daily Routnies memory game is HERE 
  • A game is HERE 
  • Make up sentences HERE 





On Thursday, 15th December do these online Escape Rooms:


  • Santa´s Journey Escape Room is HERE

  • Elf on the Shelf Virtual Escape Room is HERE

  • Päästa jõulud! SIIN


  • Christmas vocabulary is HERE do crossword HERE
  • Christmas in The UK HERE
  • Christmas songs HERE
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer HERE




Unit 7. Let´s buy presents!


Unit 7 vocabulary is HERE


Unit 6. Let´s play after school. 


16th November:

  1. kordavalt tee läbi grammatika harjutused SIIN: Units 1-3, exercises 1-5 ja Units 4-6 exercises 1-5
  2. lugemisülesanne asub SIIN 
  3. ava SIIN  sõnavara mängud ja harjuta omal valikul  
  4. harjuta unit 6 sõnavara SIIN 


Unit 6 vocabulary is HERE


I Like going out, the chant is HERE



Unit 5. We´ ve got English.


Unit 5 vocabulary is HERE


Reading practice HERE 




HALLOWEEN escape room is HERE



  • Five Little Pumpkins Song
  • Halloween Song  
  • Halloween easy vocabulary is HERE
  • Halloween vocabulary game is HERE


Unit 4. Have you got a milkshake?



Unit 4 vocabulary is HERE


Do these exercises (listen, repeat and practise vocabulary):




Unit 3. I can ride a bike!


Can you.... vocabulary HERE



Lion King- Can You Feel The Love Tonight /w/lyrics-sõnadega/ HERE

Talking about hobbies and interests- online lesson


Prepositions of place HERE



Unit 2. They´re happy now!


Vocabulary is HERE


Sing a song "If You Happy"


Unit 1. Our new things.




Unit 1 vocabulary is HERE



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