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Form 6 (Family and Friends 4)

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Unit 12. What´s the matter?


Make irregular verbs kahoot (20 words)


Unit 12 vocabulary is HERE


Irregular verb jeopardy is HERE

Irregular verbs HERE


Unit 11. Have you ever been...?


Unit 11 vocabulary is HERE


Video about Everest Expedition is HERE and HERE


Present Perfect HERE

  • task 1 questions HERE
  • task 2 questions HERE

Present Perfect or Past Simple


Unit 10. I´ve printed my homework.


Present Perfect


task 1, affirmative HERE and HERE

task 2, questions HERE



Unit 9. Something new to watch!


Unit 9 vocabulary is HERE 





Unit 8. How much time have we got?


Unit 8 vocabulary is HERE

Grammar: countable and uncountable nouns HERE

Some or any


  • An email about sport HERE
  • A Letter from Florida - Reading Exercise HERE


  • Reading task Air travel is HERE
  • Listening tasks Transport announcements is HERE


Unit 7. Will it really happen?


Unit 7 vocabulary is HERE

Questionary about the movie "Ready Player One" is HERE


Reading task about Australia is HERE



Simple Future


Predictions for 2123

  • nature

  • technology

  • science

  • health

  • school 


  The World in 2050


Christmas all over the world HERE

Christmas project is HERE

Deadline on 8th December.


  • Santa´s Journey Escape Room is HERE

  •   Elf on the Shelf Virtual Escape Room is HERE

  • Päästa jõulud! SIIN





Unit 6. The best bed!


Unit 6 vocabulary is HERE



Comparison of adjectives in English learn HERE

Compare adjectives worksheet



Unit 5. Go back to the roundabout!



Unit 5 vocabulary is HERE

Irregular verbs HERE


Adverbs or adjectives


Unit 4. Whose jacket is this?


Unit 4 vocabulary is HERE 



Possessive Adjectives


Possessive Pronouns




Unit 3. The dinosaur museum.


Vocabulary is HERE


16th November:


  1. Do grammar exercises HERE
  2. Learn: Past Simple Keywords: in 2000, 3 years ago, last week, yesterday
  3. Practice:

Past Simple



HALLOWEEN escape room is HERE


Unit 2. We had a concert.


Vocabulary is HERE


The Past Simple HERE

Irregular Verbs Rap Song


Grammar exercises 

1) Present Simple
Keywords: every day, often, sometimes, always, once a week etc

2) Past Simple
Keywords: in 2000, 3 years ago, last week, yesterday

3) Present Continous or Present Simpl
Keywords in the Present Continous: Look!, now, at the moment, all day long


Marking scale for PP HERE 


Unit 1. The food here is great!


Vocabulary is HERE



Present Simple or Continuous 

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3 (questions)


 Numbers crossword is HERE 


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