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Form 5 (Family and Friends)

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To access the resources on the online student zone, please visit HERE,

grammar is HERE



Unit 15. Our holiday!


Reading task is HERE

Answer for the question HERE

Read about New Zealand HERE



Unit 15 vocabulary is HERE 



Unit 14. Did you have a good day?


Vocabulary is HERE


  • Past Simple (lihtmineviku kas küsimused) did-questions HERE 
  • Present Simple (lihtolevik), use be form HERE 





  • Easter lugemisülesanne SIIN,
  • mõistatus lahenda SIIN
  • Easter video ja viktoriin SIIN



Unit 13. The Ancient Egyptians


Vocabulary is HERE




  • past simple (lihtminevik), regular words (add -ed) HERE
  • Past Simple HERE 


Unit 12. A clever baby!


Posters are HERE


Vocabulary is HERE


Describing people HERE

Was/ Were grammar task






Unit 11. In the museum 


Open HERE  and make a crossword with unit 11 words (B p 136)

Copy your crossword on the Libre Office Writer, save it and send via email to the teacher.


Vocabulary is HERE


Past Simple (be forms)


Watch HERE

Irregular Verbs SONG


To Be - Affirmative

SubjectTo BeExamples
I was was tired this morning.
You were You were very good.
He was He was the best in his class.
She was She was late for work.
It was It was a sunny day.
We were We were at home.
You were You were on holiday.
They were They were happy with their test results.



To Be - Negative Sentences

The negative of To Be can be made by adding not after the verb (was or were).


SubjectTo BeExamples
I was not was not tired this morning.
You were not You were not crazy.
He was not He was not married.
She was not She was not famous.
It was not It was not hot yesterday.
We were not We were not invited.
You were not You were not at the party.
They were not They were not friends.


Petra- The Hidden City



Unit 10. In the park 


Vocabulary is HERE


Unit 9. The fastsest animal in the world



Vocabulary is HERE



  • Comparative and superlative adjectives (omadussõna võrdlusastmed) British Council materials are HERE
  • Woodward English materials about comparatives and Superlatives are HERE  and a game is HERE
  • Practise HERE 



Unit 8. I´d like a melon


Vocabulary is HERE 


Countable and uncountable nouns HERE and HERE

Article QUIZ


Our Reciepe Book is HERE


Find one easy reciepe HERE





  • Päästa jõulud! SIIN
  • Christmas reading HERE
  • Christmas Week´s tasks are HERE
  • Santa´s Journey Escape Room is HERE




Unit 7. Places to go!


Practise vocabulary HERE





Unit 6. Jim´s day


  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Grammar


  • What time is it?  HERE
  • Telling the time HERE 
  • Telling the time practise HERE and HERE



Do or does? 



Extensive reading vocabulary is HERE 



Unit 5. A naughty monkey


  • Zoo animals watch and learn HERE
  • Vocabulary is HERE



Different online exercises to do on Thursday 11th November:


  1. Articles a, and an practice HERE  /avades keri natuke allapoole, seal avaneb harjutus/
  2. Past Simple (am, is, are) HERE 
  3. food and drinks vocabulary HERE  /vajuta täringule ja lisa õige sõna/
  4. animals a crossword HERE  and a game HERE
  5. Tony´s family HERE 





Unit 4. We´re having fun at the beach 


  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Grammar

Present Continuous HERE  , HERE and HERE






 HALLOWEEN escape room is HERE



  • Five Little Pumpkins Song
  • Halloween Song  
  • Halloween easy vocabulary is HERE
  • Halloween vocabulary game is HERE



Unit 3. My things 


  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Listen and reada a story p 20 book "My things"  HERE
  • Listen and sing the song p 22 book "It´s rainy today" HERE



Unit 2. My weekend


  • Vocabulary is HERE

  • Listen and sing the song I´m Happy It´s a Weekend HERE

  • Listen and read a story p 14 book "My weekend" HERE




Unit 1. They´re from Australia


  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Listen and sing the song Where are you from? HERE
  • Listen and read a story HERE


 Starter. My family








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