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Form 8-9 (Close-up B1) (redirected from Form 8 (Close-up B1))

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Unit 11. Lessons Learn



  • Would you like to do summer course? Why? Why not?
  • What kind of courses are the best for people of your age?


What´s Your learning style? Test HERE


Vocabulary is HERE 


Grammar topic- Gerund ???? Infinitives??? What are these??

Watch a video!




Practice online HERE and HERE





  • Discover your current English level by taking our free online test HERE


The Year 9 Final Examination 2022 


  • The SPEAKING test of the Year 9 exam example video is HERE

How to describe a PICTURE 
Describing picture in English  HERE
How to describe a picture VIDEO (Oxford Online English)
Speaking HERE 
B1 Preliminary for Schools speaking test (from 2020) - Roberto and Simone | Cambridge English VIDEO


Informal letter HERE and HERE
Informal e-mail a sample is HERE and an ivitation is HERE


Unit 10. That´s Entertainment



  • What is for you entertainment?
  • Is music important for you? Why?/ Why not?
  • Do you have to learn a musical instrument? 





Bouzouki music listen HERE 

Steel drum music listen HERE

Bagpipes music is HERE

Didgeridoo music is HERE


  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Phrasal Verbs mind-maps are HERE



Unit 9. High-Tech World




 Vocabulary is HERE  



  • If you could own only one gadget, which would it be? Why?
  • Generally, do you agree or disagree with public surveillance? Why/ Why not?
  • Is there video camera surveillance in your area? Where? 


  • The Passive voice: Tenses HERE and HERE (eestikeelse selgitusega)
  • Practice HERE 


2nd February

Write a letter and send via email to teacher. 


NB! Trüki kiri word dokumenti ja saada manusena!!!! 


Your friend Erik from Scotland has won a prize as a young app developer. Write a letter to him.

In your letter,

         say what you think about his achievement

         ask questions about the app

         write about the app that you most often use

You should write 120 words.



1.                 Open a new Libreoffice Writer document. 

2.                 Type the letter, save and send it to the teacher's email with an attachment.


Salvesta oma kiri ja saada manusega õpetaja emailile terje.magi@vastseliina.edu.ee


 On Friday  




Add your information about one Robot HERE 


  • Introduce the Robot you choose. 
  • What can the Robot do? 
  • Where and how people can use this Robot?
  • Would you like to own this Robot? Why?/ Why not?
  • Add a photo 


Science Focus - the home of BBC Science Focus Magazine

The technology, new ideas, inventions and gadgets that will revolutionise the world as we know it and lead us head first into the future.



List of tech gadgets with pictures and examples




The essential list of household tools and equipment in English.




  • Archimedes´ death ray (wb p 53 B) Additionally read HERE


Unit 8. Time to Spare



  • What do people do in their free time? 
  • Do you think hobbies should be educational as well as entertaining? Or something else?
  • Do you normally have free time during the week?


  • Free time activities, listen and do HERE
  • The pavement Picasso Julian Beever HERE


Vocabulary is HERE



Speaking task

  • chooce three-four spare time activities
  • introduce others 2-3 minutes: indoor/outdoor; alone/team; place; equipment/tools if needed; why you recommend it to others 




Modals and semi-modals 

Practice HERE



 Christmas project is HERE

Deadline is on 14th December.




Unit 7. Extreme Situations


1. Vocabulary is HERE 


2. Can you read it HERE


3. Reading HERE


4. Reading https://test-english.com/








  • Do you love extreme situations? Why?/ Why not?
  • When do you feel extreme?
  • What is the most exciting thing you´ve ever done?
  • What kind of extreme sport do you know? List of different extreme sports is HERE


Survivors in the Andes HERE BBC video





  • Past Perfect Simple/ Past Perfect Continuous HERE
  •  Irregular Verbs Rap Song



Marathon  des Sables watch HERE 



Unit 6. Ready, Steady, Go!



  • Vocabulary is HERE
  • Make a poster about one sport, the guide is HERE
  •  Posters about sport are HERE




What is kiteboarding HERE


1. Listening



2. Spelling confusing words



3. Reading task is HERE


Grammar: Conditionals


Zero, first and second conditionals HERE



Conditionals HERE and HERE and HERE





Unit 12. The Body Beautiful 










Read and do a task about Halloween HERE

Watch a video and Learn about American Holiday - Halloween HERE 

Halloween vocabulary and exercise 







Unit 1. Family Ties




  • Countable/ Uncountable Nouns






Euroopa keeltepäeva viktoriin asub SIIN


Unit 2. Food, Food, Food


Vocabulary is HERE

Grammar Past Simple and Past Continuous

Tenses practise HERE and HERE







Unit 3. The Wonders of Nature



Vocabulary is HERE


The Lost Gardens of Heligan



The Great Barrier Reef



Coral Gardening



Welcome to Nunavik






Made with Padlet



Unit 4. Special Relationships 


Vocabulary is HERE


Relative clause



1. Exercise 1

2. Exercise 2

3. Exercise 4


Unit 5. A Place to Call Home


Vocabulary is HERE


Solve the crosswords 

1 2 3 4  5  6  7 8


Grammar Simple Future Tensees (will/ going to)


Practise HERE and HERE






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