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Form 5

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I trimester töökava

II trimester töökava

III trimester töökava


Unit 1. Welcome to East Bridgford


PP East Bridgeford

East Bridgeford St Peter´s School

Vocabulary Unit 1, (BB) p 12, practice HERE


          Telling the time















Unit 2. Watch this!


Vocabulary Unit 2, (BB) p 21, practice HERE


  • Grammar have/has got  practice here
  • Practice here (fill in the blanks)


eTwinning project "I Want Peace".

Introduction here

How to say "I want peace" in your language


eTwinning project: European Day of Languages activities HERE

Hääletada saab SIIN


Unit 3. Dad's special salad


Vocabulary Unit 3, (BB) p 29, practice HERE

Food vocabulary, (BB) p 3, practice HERE


Harjutus ja kordamine. Food vocabulary, restaurant.

Make a crossword HERE

Kordamisleht Unit 3.



Food board game




Koostada ristsõna arvutis SIIN

  • Ristsõnas kasuta tv lk 29 h2, lk 31 h 7 sõnu.
  • Kõigepealt trüki inglise keelne sõna, siis jäta tühik ja lisa eestikeelne.
  • Kopeeri oma töö word doc-i ja saada õpetajale emailile terjema@gmail.com 
  • Kui ei ole võimalik arvutit kasutada, joonesta A4 paberie ristsõna.
  • Töö tuleb saata õpetaja emailile või tuua esmaspäeval kooli.



Lesson 4. 


Vocabulary, unit 4, practice HERE 

Articles rules and practice HERE

Practice here
Practise here (fill in the blanks) 




How would you like to visit the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?

It's a village in Wales, famous for having one of the longest names in the world! You can hear the pronunciation here:bit.ly/2dhCsFq Wales has some of the most beautiful beaches, castles, and mountains in all of the UK and much, much more!

Read about Wales and do exercises HERE


Unit 5 A very special person


Vocabulary unit 5 practice HERE


Countries and Capitals Jeopardy Quiz Game Show is HERE


Different online exercises to do on Wednesday:


Unit 6 Let´s go to the cinema 


Vocabulary unit 6 practice HERE

Listening task "What time is it?" (cinema) HERE

Weather vocabulary is HERE

Listening task "Weather forecast" is HERE


Do these exercises and learn some words to talk about the weather.


Lesson 7 Mums and dads


Vocabulary unit 7 practice HERE

Play a Quizizz


Lesson 8


Vocabulary is HERE


Plural rules are HERE


Task 1Plural (mitmus)
 Plural exercise 1
Plural exercise 2

Task 2
Pronouns (asesõnad)
An exercise on  pronounce 
CLICK HERE: Another exercise



Learn vocabulary HERE

Practice HERE

Describe Father Christmas HERE

We Wish You Merry Christmas song 

and lyrics are HERE





The Giant´s Causeway is one of Northen Ireland´s most famous tourist spot, read HERE



Gaelic Football watch HERE


Unit 9. The boy from Mars 


Vocabulary Unit 9 is HERE 

Ordinal numbers, listen and repeat HERE

How to pronounce ordinal numbers HERE

Practice ordinal numbers- worksheet


Was/ were Basic English Grammar HERE


Unit 10,The Little Monster


Unit 10 vocabulary HERE




Was or were
Was or were 2


The Past Simple conversations


Unit 11, Willow Farm



Unit 11, vocabulary HERE



Unit 12, The Fun Park


Unit 12, vocabulary HERE

Walt Disney World, top five rides are HERE

Was or were
Was or were 2


Irregular verbs Rap Song


Unit 13, Spaghetti hoops


Unit 13, vocabulary HERE


GRAMMAR, practice The Past Simple



Do your vocabulary exercise here




Koosta ristsõna mineviku ebareeglipärastest tegusõnadest (vähemalt 15 sõna).

Kasuata selleks kas http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/CrissCrossSetupForm.asp

või https://learningapps.org/create?new=40 ja saada ristsõna aadressil terjema@gmail.com

Kui tegid learning apps programmis võid saata valmis ristsõna lingi mulle, kui aga puzzlemakeris, siis pead salvestama word dokumenti ja saatma alles siis mulle.


Epp made an online crossword. Try to solve it HERE

Ronja made an online crossword, solve it HERE


Food Jeopardy is HERE





Unit 14, A Rainy day at St. Peter´s School


Unit 14 vocabulary is HERE


Unit 16, Leo is loose


Unit 16 vocabulary is HERE


Unit  17, Bingham


Unit 17, vocabulary is HERE

Comparative adjectives HERE and rules HERE



Unit 18, Ghost Cliffs


Unit 18, vocabulary is HERE


1. Listening task 1
2. Listening task 2
3. Reading task Abraham Lincoln
4. Level test HERE
5. English tenses practise test


Unit 19, Single or return?


Unit 19 vocabulary is HERE 

Neighbourhood song HERE


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