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Form 6

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I trimestri töökava

II trimestri töökava

III trimestri töökava



Unit 1. Dangerous?


Vocabulary (BB) p. 12, practice HERE

BBC's documentary about The Great Barrier Reef HERE 

Scuba Diving on Great Barrier Reef HERE 


The members of the family, practice HERE

Exercise on family members.


Irregular Verbs Rap Song

Practice present and past simple tenses HERE


Unit 2. Cuckoo to you!





Vocabulary BB p 20, practice HERE 



Ordinal (järgarvsõnad) and cardinal numbers (põhiarvsõnad) are HERE

The Past Simple HERE

Irregular Verbs Rap Song 

Time Prepositions (on, at, in) HERE




Telling the time


Telling the time  clock is HERE


Unit 3. Nanna


Vocabulary Unit 3, p. 28 practice HERE 

Write a letter, wb p36 ex19  hindamisjuhend


New Zealand (BBC)

Top 10 Best Places in NZ 

10 things you should to know about NZ

Kaikoura, New Zealand 



Prepositions of time HERE


Unit 4. Uluru


Vocabulary Unit 4 p. 37 HERE



10 things to do in Uluru HERE

Visit Australia HERE

BB Ex 6 and 8 p 39

Kookaburra's laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXA0-YAoo9Q

15 Best Known Unique wild animals in Australia HERE


Weather vocabulary HERE

Present Progressive practice HERE 


Unit 5 Why Canada?


Vocabulary Unit 5 is HERE

British vs American English HERE



Grammar exercises 

1) Present Simple
Keywords: every day, often, sometimes, always, once a week etc

2) Past Simple
Keywords: in 2000, 3 years ago, last week, yesterday

3) Present Continous or Present Simpl
Keywords in the Present Continous: Look!, now, at the moment, all day long

4)  Past Continuous or Past Simple rules are HERE
Keywords in the  Past Continous: yesterday at 3, when sth happened, while, the whole day


Unit 6 Now what?


Vocabulary Unit 6 HERE

Professions HERE

Oscars- the official web page is HERE




Grammar- How to pronounce ´ed´ HERE

Game - irregular verbs
Jeopardy game -tenses

Put the story together

Practice the Past Simple tense
 Put the story together
Betting game
Jane's biography


Past Continuous and Past Simple

 Exercises and Test 1, Test 2, Test 3

Exercises on Past Continuous and Past Simple 
Multiple choice exercises
Here you can play some online games


Write about your favorite celebrity or about a job. Instructions are HERE


Unit 7, The American Hall of Fame


Vocabulary Unit 7 is HERE

Play Irregular Past Tense grammar Jeopardy Quiz Game HERE

Jeopardy Quiz HERE

Irregular verbs Quizlet


PP about athlete

  • ava google drive ja loo PP
  • vormista 1. slaid: 

               kuulsuse nimi

              Form 6

               Vastseliina Gymnasium

               koostaja nimi

  •  leia infot valitud sportlase kohta: natukene eluloost (millal ja kus sündis, koolis käis, alustas sporditeed jm), millised on saavutused. 
  • Used sources; viimasele slaidile lisa kasutatud allikad (veebiaadressid, kus leidsid infot või fotod). 


Unit 8, Native Americans


Vocabulary Unit 8 is HERE



Unit 9, Jambo


Unit 9 vocabulary is HERE



Safari in Kenya HERE

Practice worksheet 


Kelly Sildaru in Kenya


Question words practice HERE

Do or does exercise is HERE

Form questions HERE


Unit 10, Didn´t - did



Unit 10 vocabulary HERE

Irregular Past Tense Quize


School subjects are HERE and HERE


Unit 11


Unit 11 vocabulary HERE

Namibia Experience 


My body, practice HERE


Past Simple /Lihtminevik: 2. põhivorm/ didn't + 1.põhivorm
Task: Past Simple (2. põhivorm)

Irregular verbs- HERE and HERE

Language game HERE


Unit 12, Zuluz


Unit 12, vocabulary HERE

Zulu Dance HERE

Worksheet HERE


Map of South Africa is HERE


Unit 13, Driving on the left?


Unit 13, vocabulary is HERE


Red Fort watch HERE worksheet is HERE






Irregular verbs 


Unit 14, Boom!


Unit 14 vocabulary is HERE



Unit 15, Do´s and don´ts


Unit 15 vocabulary is HERE

Top 10 Places to visit Singapore HERE

Computer vocabulary 

Comparative adjectives HERE



Unit 16, Doris saves the day


Unit 16 vocabulary is HERE




Unit 17, It´s a secret!


Unit 17 vocabulary is HERE 

Samoa watch HERE


Unit 18. Wolverine!


About  Wolverine HERE

Vocabulary Unit 18 HERE

Practice vocabulary Unit 18.


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