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Form 7

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Key 7 

TEA 2008. E. Airik; P. Westlake; R. Kangaspunta; E. Lehtonen; J. Peruaniemi; A. Haavisto; E. Paks


I trimestri töökava


e-Twinning project e-Brain Ring

  • padlet for introduction is HERE 
  • Let´s make a logo Sketchpad or Canava

  • The participant´s map

  • A presentation about the countrys´  

  • Questions about Azerbaijan 


Add Christmas cards HERE


e-Twinningu projektorienteerumine, vaata kaarti SIIN


Ways to speak better English


Unit 1. Here and now


How to introduce yourself, watch HERE  

Kids on the move. Vocabulary HERE

Teen Secrets, vocabulary is HERE 

My body vocabulary HERE


Make up your own crossword HERE

  • Open book p 159-163, choose one topic (this is the title of your crossword) and make up an online crossword (at least 15 words) and sent it via email to the teacher. 




  • The Present Simple HERE
  • Practice HERE passive voice


  • What to write on the greeting card HERE and HERE


Unit 2. Media blitz


Turn the TV on, turn the world off.

A) Vocabulary p 25-27 HERE

Wind suit flying, watch HERE


Agreeing or disagreeing with someone HERE


An evaluation sheet for PP HERE


Unit 3. School is cool


School poems: HERE


I have enjoyed my time here 3A, vocabulary HERE  

School subjects: HERE 


Prepositions of time HERE


Arrange a meeting with a friend HERE


I like Fridays 3B,  vocabulary HERE


Education in England HERE


Irregular verbs Key 7, TB p 155-157 HERE


Unit 4. Friend will be friends


SpeakEasy! Text 4A vocabulary is HERE


How to talk about friends and friendship HERE


Friends Will Be Friends Queen (Lyrics) HERE and Offical Video HERE


The best of friends. Text 4B vocabulary is HERE



Comparison of adjectives in English learn HERE

Compare adjectives worksheet

Revision for the test


Unit 5. You are what you do


Twin diaries. Text 5A vocabulary is HERE


Independent work on 12th March


  • Create a criss-cross crossword HERE copy the crossword on a Word document and send the document to teacher´s email (the topic is your name)
  • Read the text page 83-86 and do exercises 1- 2, WB page 120 


Marking scale for writing a letter is HERE 


Unit 6, You are what you buy


Animation about the history of money is HERE

Money isn't everything. Quizlet

Diary of a shopaholic Quizlet  


Conditional Sentences


If/when you heat ice, it melts.

100 % possibility


If you go without your hat, you will catch a cold.

99% - 51% possibility


If you ate this fish, you would get food poisoning

50% possibility


If you had broken your leg, it would have put in a plaster cast.

If you hadn’t broken your leg, it wouldn’t have put in a plaster cast.

0%  possibility




Present Simple


Present Simple



Present Simple


Future Simple



Past Simple


Future in the Past



Past Perfect


Would Have + III Principle Form of a Verb




Zero conditional HERE

The first conditional HERE  and practice HERE


A short essay HERE


Unit 7, You are what you wear


Clothes talk, vocabulary is HERE

Shopping vocabulary. British Council Teens. Listening


Word formation. British Council Teens HERE


Fashion day at the English Café, vocabulary is HERE


Invitations. British Council Teens HERE  and HERE







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