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Form 2

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I trimester töökava

II trimester töökava

III trimester



Lesson 1

Tongue Twister


The ABC Song

Read (listen) and color worksheet


Lesson 2-3



The ABC Song



My family/ Minu perekond

Worksheet 1 & 2

My Family 

Family cartoon

Family members HERE


Lesson 4



Ten Little Indians Song 

Colors (Värvid) 

Colors Song (värvide laul)

Animals and colours (loomad ja värvid) 

Red lorry, yellow lorry harjuta 

Rainbow (vikerkaartööleht)

Värvi tööleht




Lesson 5


Töökäsklused tunnis

1) read - loe
2) write - kirjuta
3) say - ütle
4) sing - laula
5) point - näita, osuta
6) open - ava
7) close / shut - pane kinni
8) listen - kuula
9) look - vaata
10) ask - küsi
11) answer - vasta
12) Toilet, please. - palun Wc-sse
13) Help, please. - Palun abi.
14) exercise book - harjutuste vihik
15) words - sõnad
16) diary - päevik
17) exercise - harjutus
18) page - lehekülg





Numbers and colours 

open join.quizizz.com


Lesson 6 Halloween



Lesson 7 Round up


Värvid, mängi SIIN

Ühenda värvid SIIN

Tähestik A-P pane õige järjekord SIIN

Perekond, kes on pildil SIIN

Loomad ja värvid SIIN

Numbrid, memoriin SIIN

Numbrid ja värvid SIIN


Lesson 8 My body


Kehaosade laul SIIN

Head and shoulders song is HERE

A game is HERE (kehaosad, kuulamis- ja lugemisülesanded)


Lesson 9-10, My body


Eyes, mouth, nose and ears song is HERE

Face, worksheet is HERE




Lesson 11-12 Christmas


The coloring page is HERE worksheet presents HERE

Christmas game is HERE

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 

Christmas cartoon Peppa Pig

The Gingerbread cartoon HERE

Christmas vocabulary HERE

Coloring pages are HERE


Unit 13-14, Food


Food, BINGO worksheet and for MEMORY game

Fruits and Vegetable worksheet

Food /kuula ja õpi SIIN

Drinks SIIN


Food picture TEST,  

picture TEST 2





Lesson 15-17, I can 



Action verbs, stand up and move HERE

I can worksheet

Bingo song


Can you...? and flashcards are HERE 

 Review HERE


Unit 18-19, feelings


Emotions HERE

Feelings HERE




Feelings vocabulary learn and do the test HERE

How are they feeling- listen and learn HERE


"If You Happy and You know it" sing HERE



Unit 20-21, My Family


How Many worksheet and song


The Finger Family HERE

Cartoon My Family

Family 1 HERE

Family 2 Here


Unit 22, Easter



Easter Bunny (tööleht), (tööleht2), (tööleht3)

Practise /harjuta/ HERE


Unit 23-24, days of the Week


The days of the week, by Víctor Gayol


Sing a song HERE 
Find this and other days of the week exercises in English Exercises .org

Exercise on days 


Exercise on typing 

Missing letters


Days of the Week järjesta ja leia paarid


Let´s play HERE

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